Deliciously Female

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It is fascinating to me how many times I can give a talk, share what I do, or bring the word vagina into a conversation, and the response I receive is that it is irrelevant to business, it is woohoo, or I am advised to change my language so as not to offend. I am faced with dumbing down my truth, skirting around the issues, and diluting the intensity of the real problem - which is our disassociation, and uncomfortableness with our deliciously female, sensual bodies.

Last time I checked having a vagina, ovaries, and an uterus was very much a tangible, physical reality, and yes, so is sex. And if I cleverly disguise how I share my truth who does that really serve?

These magnificent organs that only we, as woman, are blessed to have, are a powerful resource. And if we can for just a brief moment slither away from our mental faculties we can provide ourselves the opportunity to sense into their dynamic resonance.

Our uterus is the sun of our solar system, and all of our life radiates out from this nucleus. If we are not experiencing our desired feelings in any area of our external world - relationship, financial, career, health, or creativity - it is an indication that we need to move deeper within, and source from this intelligence.

The suppression of our becoming full spectrum women advances because we agree to swim in the murky waters of the manmade ponds of a distorted reality created by the patriarchy (which continues to thrive through our disconnection).

We are women.

I am not against men - they are equally important, beautiful, and amazing. What I am wanting is for women to understand how powerful they truly are. The ways in which men use their authority, are not the ways in which we are to use ours.

Conception to birth offers us the perfect creation blueprint. We do not have fertility organs simply to menstruate for 30 - 40 years, nor to create the allotted 2.3 children - these are organs of mass creation. If we do not consciously bring awareness, intention, and relationship to the physical and energetic fecundity of our sexuality, we will continue to struggle.

We must move beyond our rational thinking so that we can embody the monumental truth - it is through our bodies that one comes to have this human experience.

Pause. Breathe. Really think about this for a moment. The only organic way to have a human experience is to transcend through the body of a woman. Let the magnitude of this sink in. Connect to this power. Surrender into the potential of possibility that exists right inside of your beautiful, sensual, exquisite being.

Angela Thurston