Sexual Musings


Sex. Everyone is interested in it, in one way or another. Some openly. Some secretly. Some are simply in denial. When it becomes the topic of conversation, people are either captivated, intrigued, hungry for more, or they become uncomfortable, embarrassed, and the walls of separation instantaneously appear.

Check in with yourself, honestly, where are you right now?

We have been handed down, through tens of thousands of years, a distorted, imbalanced, and corrupt version of love, and sexuality. Much confusion, disassociation, and discontentment has been generated from the perverse interpretations by our culture. And it is clear to me that the more we suppress the genuine, ancient, divine significance of lovemaking, the all powerful shadow will prevail, and the misinterpretation will continue to impair our senses, and our experiences.

In an intimate relationship, sex is a channel of communication, a language that continues to exist throughout one’s entire relationship, and whether we acknowledge it or not, it does matter.

Our current understanding of sex limits the potency of love generated through this sacred union. We have an incessant need for instant gratification, and this displays in us chasing the almighty orgasm.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy orgasm as much as the next gal – however there is a difference in how you experience the journey:

Journey one: You hold fast to your position of being the tour guide. You have some tried and true, familiar routes on your pleasure map, and you love the comfort of knowing that your chosen mode of transportation will ensure that you arrive safely at your destination (orgasm).

Your journey is sure to include passionate kisses, and tender, loving touch. These tender, loving touches explore all the favourite rest stops along the way. Bliss is mounting on your adventure, and your final destination (orgasm) comes into view. You become motivated by your arrival, and not truly present in the moment (even though you think you are), and your mind takes over. You start to envision the next couple of miles, because you have seen this scenery before – your recall your past experiences on this road – you know what comes next. The peak of your pleasure, upon arrival, engages you for ten to twenty seconds – max.

Does this sustain you, energize you, nourish you? Perhaps. If so for how long?

Journey Two: You surrender to the choreography of the divine. No map. No routes. No mind. Ground zero. Releasing all you have been taught, experienced, and know. You enter into complete presence. Slipping into the heavenly vibration of ecstasy, where your entire being reverberates with full body laughter, and simultaneous tears, because you are steeped, and swaddled in the most tender, pervasive ripples of pleasure that you have ever sensed, and this sweet love nectar moves you beyond time and space.

We really don’t know, what we don’t know, until we know it.

Why then do we limit ourselves with thinking that we do know it? Why not admit that the current quality of lovemaking is no longer acceptable?

When we remove the veils of deception, we begin to explore, experience, and receive new realms of sexual understanding, and divine love reigns.

Angela Thurston