About Angela


When I began my transition into mid-life the emotions, thoughts, and experiences I was having really took me by storm. From the outside looking in my life looked great. I was in a supportive, loving marriage, had two amazing children, and lived in a lovely home. However, on the inside there was a huge gap, a dark void - something was seriously missing.

When I was younger I was in exploration mode. I trained in Reiki, Reflexology, and Touch For Health. I submersed myself in self-help, metaphysical, and spiritually affirming books, practices, and techniques. I went to therapists, workshops, and healers. I practiced gratitude. I prayed. I believed in something greater. So after all the personal and spiritual growth work I had done and was practicing, I was left feeling perplexed.

I didn’t feel like I had a purpose. I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t feel sufficient as a mother, a partner, or as a woman. I was unhappy with my post-baby body. I moved in and out of depression. I had no sexual desire and I was very aware of the generational patterning I was passing on to our children. The guilt I felt for having these feelings was immense. In my mind what I had should have been enough. It wasn’t.

It was affecting my relationships and my health, and it was keeping me from experiencing true joy, unbridled passion, and authentic expression.

Seeking a more body-centred practice, I turned to the study and teaching of World Dance. It felt great to dance and teach others how to discover and move their bodies in new and wonderful ways.

However, I was leaving the joy on the dance floor, the memories of my past were lingering in my body, and my patterns were holding firm. It was this initial journey into my body that showed me that we hold our biography in our tissues.

My curiosity for healing these stories led me on a personal and professional journey that gently spiralled me home to my sexual essence and the wisdom of my body. It is here that great shifts have occurred, clarity became accessible, and my confidence soared. Now the essence of my powerful, sexual being radiates out into all aspects of my succulent life.

I have studied, trained, and certified in Continuum Movement, Vividly Women Embodiment Coaching, The Art of Feminine Presence, The TaoTantric Arts, and Bodysex. I now guide, educate, and mentor other women on their journeys as I continue to voyage into the sweet centre of my sexuality.

It is an honour for me to assist women in their exploration of connecting with, deepening, and expanding their divine sexuality and their unlimited potential.

Wishing you a pleasure-filled day!