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Angela is a magnetic, entertaining speaker. She is gifted at arousing curiosity amongst women-centered groups, with what some might consider a difficult, controversial topic.

Her talks are captivating and engaging resulting in participants receiving a greater understanding of their bodies, their innate sexual wisdom, and the importance their sexuality has on actualizing their full human potential.

Angela often weaves in an experimental component to her presentations so participants leave with practical tools and applications that can be integrated into their lives.

β€œThe one simple practice that Angela taught has made such a huge, powerful difference in my life. I find I am doing it it many times a day. It brings up my energy, and I feel more connected to my body.
Angela has such passion for her topic and such a breadth of wisdom, and knowledge, as well as a real mission to make a difference for women in this world. And of course all those being served by those women.
She is very good at making people feel safe, and for making a touchy subject fun and engaging, opening up your curiosity.”
Carla Reiger
Presentation Prosperity, Author, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach