Gardener's delight - a letter


Hello Sexy,

I trust that my letter finds you safe, and lusciously warm and comfy. I do hope that you may drink in my words with no distractions.

Today began with my usual morning epsom salt soak. I am always taken aback at the serenity I experience as my morning body makes connection with the hot fragrant water. This morning I had the luxury of an extended period in the tub. Actually to the point of dizziness from the intensity of the heat.

I treasure the exquisite state in which I begin my days. My morning ritual is the perfect preparation to explore the delectable terrain of my body—before I engage with the world.

As you know I usually apply my post bath creams, oils and concoctions in the bathroom. I love luxuriously massaging oil all over my moist, warm skin. It is an added pleasure observing my reflection in the mirror as I roam the delicate curves and mounds of my female form. But this morning I was so relaxed from the intoxication of the hot, aromatic bath that I took to oiling my body on the bed.

I was so entranced gliding the oil over my naked flesh that I didn’t notice him at first. But as it turns out it was gardening day at our neighbours across the way.

Through the picture window next to our bed I began to watch him. Oh sexy he was extraordinary. Exquisite really. His dark, mocha skin glistening with sweat as he gracefully worked the soil with his gloved hands. The sun shone upon his back. Highlighting his divine form. The cast of shadow and light danced with each ripple of his smooth, defined muscles. Needless to say I was mesmerized.

The rhythm in which I touched my body began to slow. My hands softened against my flesh. It was as if every time he lay his hands upon the earth his hands were caressing me. His velvet touch exploring the diverse landscape of my body.

As my hands grazed over my belly, my breasts and my, already erect, nipples I was surprised at how titillating it was to be touching myself while watching this beautiful stranger. I have to say it brought my after bath oiling to a whole new level.

It was surprising to me how enraptured he was with his work. He was oblivious as I anointed my pussy with oil. Sexy she was gloriously swollen and extremely wet. So I figured since he hadn’t noticed me I was going to take full advantage of his presence.

I positioned the pillows cross width on the bed, so that I could lay back in comfort while remaining in visual contact with him. It was delectable. He had no idea that as he cultivated the ground he was simultaneously exciting my marvellous cunt.

My hands caressed and rubbed my generous lips. My fingers swept along the creamy groove that marry my inner and outer labium. I ran my fingers over the plump edges of my engorged clit, and that is when I noticed. My dark stranger was standing. Tall and lean and impeccably splendid. He was no longer enraptured with his task—he was now enraptured with me.

Sexy I have to say that made me take pause. I actually froze momentarily. I could feel the rapid pounding of my heart deep in my pussy. And as if he read my mind, he took off his gloves and began to run one of his strong hands over his smooth, bare chest. With the the other, through the thin layer of his khakis, he took hold of his cock. That is all it took for me to relax back into my euphoric state of pleasure.

I followed his lead. My one hand remained exploring the ripe petals of my pussy. The other began grazing the mellow rise and fall of my breasts.

As our hands roamed the enticing contours of our bodies our gaze upon each other remained locked. He slowly began to unzip his pants. I found myself holding my breath. Waiting in anticipation as to what splendid specimen he was about to reveal.

Oh my Sexy it was heavenly. My body sank in relief. Not because it was a heavenly specimen, but because I was not positive that if he was to indeed enter me that my wet pussy would be able to engulf the girth and length of his gorgeous organ. But from this distance, with the protective sheath of glass between us, I could most definitely take him all in. The, unexpected rush of blood that filled my sex confirmed this.

He started to leisurely stroke his erect cock. There was such finesse in the way that he slide his hand up and down. There was no urgency. No rushing. Just slow deliberate strokes. His bulbous head glistened with pre-cum. And with one mindful twist of his palm he dispersed that mouth watering fluid down the whole length of his turgid shaft.

Sexy you must know that, in that moment I wanted nothing more than to run outside and take his scrumptious manhood into my mouth. But despite my primal urge to connect with him, skin on skin, I somehow managed to stave off this desire. Instead I focused my attention on my lush folds and creases.

The sweet nectar that drenched my yearning cunt made it effortless for my fuck finger to tenderly rim the edges of my divine opening. I could feel the hunger of my pussy as she greedily grasped at this makeshift cock. But Sexy I was so relishing this slow dance of bliss that I resisted her persistent urges.

For this I am glad. Because just when I thought that my after bath delight could not get any better, it did. Unbeknownst to me my newfound lover had a workmate.

He appeared quite out of nowhere. And he didn't seem the least bit surprised as he happened upon his buddy masturbating in broad daylight. He, like my sexual companion, wore only clothing on his lower half, exposing the muscular physique of his torso. It didn’t take him long to assess our morning rendezvous. While drinking   me in with his eyes, he seamlessly positioned himself firmly against the side of my ebony lover.

His mouth sensuously scattered kisses up and down his mate’s long neck. His strong supple hands joined the brew of stimulation that was already in full force. The beauty of their dark and light hands mutually stroking that magnificent cock was making it challenging for me to contain my excitement.

However Sexy, although I was on the verge of cumming, I wanted to savour the potent sensations that were riding through my body. So even with the perpetual insistence of my burgeoning quim I was able to tease and taunt her without giving her too much. Her heightened state of need mellowed and she leisurely drank in my pussy soaked finger.The talent of my hands kept her momentarily satiated, balancing on the periphery of orgasm.

Gently caressing the slippery tissues of my inner sex, I watched as my lovers explored each others mouths. I wondered perhaps if this wasn’t their first encounter. For their lips and tongues knew just what to do—roaming, and licking, and sucking with profound intimacy. It was poetry in motion.

Before I knew it our fair skinned lover had skillfully transitioned himself from standing to kneeling, and was taking his partner’s generous cock deep into his mouth. He was masterful. To be honest Sexy I was learning a thing or two from the ways in which he lavishly mouthed that glossy hard rod.

He cruised the bulging rim of our lover’s cock with the flat of his tongue. Maneuvering it in every direction. Swirling his mouth loosely over the crown. Then comfortably swallowed the whole tremendous shaft in one continuous motion. Deep into his throat. From the expression of ecstasy on our lover’s face it was clear to see that it felt as astonishing as it looked.

The oscillation of my fingers met the cadence of his consumption. Preserving the sexual tempo of our threesome he set free his own stunning cock. His tumescent member was yet another fine sampling of the male species. The juice that he generated was abundant. So much so, that it was dripping from the tip of his glorious erection onto the fertile soils of the earth, with still an ample supply for him to lubricate his eager organ.

Sexy he was so in-tune with our bodies responses—in a transitory moment—he shifted from deep throating to suckling our lover’s pendulous balls. Although they had no physical contact with me, or I with them, we were certainly travelling on the same dynamic wave of ecstasy.

With mouth and scrotum united, they both blissfully embraced their breathtaking members. And I offered my cunt that in which she had been starving for—the uncensored voyage of my hands. The pace in which my finger thrust to and fro within my succulent pussy was completely synthesized with both the rhythmic pressure I awarded my clit, and the steady pulse in which they pumped their cocks.

My body was to the point of no return. Euphoric exhilaration pumped through my veins. Within the energetic frenzy of our three way coupling our bodies reverberated with the tranquillizing release that only orgasmic rapture delivers. Our flesh surged with incessant undulations of bliss as their divine jism spew forth, fertilizing the sacred ground beneath them.

There were no words. Just the simple gesture of bowing our heads to one another. Expressing our gratitude for our unexpected sexual adventure.

Sexy I remained for quite some time marinating in the palpable residue of our three way fuck. Long after we parted ways I lay assimilating what had actually taken place. I feel as if a higher power hand delivered these fine vibrant, strangers to me. And through me—to you.

It is evident to me—that my morning festivities—presented a timely confirmation in favour of us actualizing our salacious fantasies. So it is with the utmost of patience that I await your return home. For I know that our conversations of welcoming another into our bed will add a tantalizing element to our long awaited reunion.

Until our lips touch again,


Angela Thurston