The Sisterhood

I sit once again in amongst a group of amazing women. Sisters. Dropping into the incomprehensible tenderness of sacred circle. Being held, with more than just arms, being heard, with more than just ears, being seen, with more than just eyes.

It is with loving presence that I am held, and hold - it is with the whole body that I am heard, and hear - and it is with the entire being that I am seen, and see. Individually, collectively - I am received by these splendid are they by me.

Interestingly enough, five years ago, I could barely utter the word sister in relation to other women. Now I cannot imagine my life without my beautiful spiral of sisters. There have been a variety of circles, women, and locations - and it matters not the details, we all seem to be woven with the same cloth, albeit we are unique in our various combinations of textures, colours, and sizes - the commonality we share is reflected in the  eyes of other - the threads of similar stories, emotions, and desires.

It is in this kinship that I feel the armour, that has been pasted to my being, beginning to loosen, and fall away. Opening me up to the vast wealth of my emotionality, propelling me into my truth, allowing me to honestly see myself. It is in this unravelling, of the tightly wrapped cocoon of my separation, that I have surrendered into vulnerability, and I emerge on the other side alive. I am safe. I am loved.

As we, as sisters, come together to join in sacred circles, listening to the stories of ourselves, of others, of our ancestors - there is a deep healing that occurs. A transformation that our human brains cannot comprehend. We not only begin to heal our stories, our wounds, our traumas - these loving, mending waves also ripple out in all directions, making their way back through history, out to the four corners of our world - to women who have not yet found their voices - as well as forward into our future - nourishing the bones, blood, and breath of our sisters yet to come.

These gatherings of women honour the inherent gifts that are the truth of our natures. I sense, so deep in my body - there is an unnameable knowing - that this is the awakening of the ancient feminine  And it is with deep gratitude, reverence, and awe that I cherish the sisterhood in my life.

Angela Thurston