the art of sexual alchemy

Within our bodies lives a wellspring of power — the natural resource of our divine sexuality — and when we heal and consciously bring awareness and intention to the abundance contained within our sexuality it empowers us to live our highest potential. The Art of Sexual Alchemy teaches you how to utilize the power of pleasure, as well as how to navigate resistances and blocks that may arise along the way.

On this 8 week journey you will:

  • Receive 8 live coaching/mentoring calls (one 1-to-1.5 hour calls a week via Zoom)
  • Learn presence, breath, and sexuality practices, processes, and meditations
  • Explore the relationship between your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual selves
  • Heal, transform, and cultivate your sexual energy
  • Experience sexual acceptance and emergence 

During this 8 week journey you will learn to: 

  • Connect with the wisdom of your body and intuition

  • Overcome self-judgment and limiting beliefs

  • Feel and look more confident and empowered

  • Use your sexual energy for creation

  • Experience more sexual fulfilment                                                                   

For inquires, questions or more information…

If you wish to gain more clarity and understanding about The Art of Sexual Alchemy you can book a 60-90 minute consultation. If you choose to book The Art of Sexual Alchemy after the consultation, the consultation fee of $45.00 will go toward your program.

Angela is an expert at holding space for others, both one-on-one and in small groups. Through thoughtfully crafted sessions, she has taught me to reconnect with my feminine energy, to nurture this energy and learn to use it to heal emotional wounds that I had buried years ago and to manifest my personal yearnings and ambitions. And also to experience whole body orgasms - oh-so-satisfying!!
The work I've done with Angela has been fundamentally transformative and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with her two years ago.
K.D., Vancouver, BC