Currently I am reading ‘The Technology of Orgasm – “Hysteria,” the Vibrator, and Women’s Satisfaction’, by Rachel P. Maines. In this well researched book Rachel points out that…

“Hysteria actual translates to ‘womb disease’, and massage to orgasm of female patients was a staple of medical practice among some (but certainly not all) Western physician from the time of Hippocrates until 1920.”

(I just have to interject here and say that, that’s a long fucking time)

“Women were discouraged from masturbating because it was thought it would impair their health, and it was not yet understood that penetration alone was only satisfactory to a minority of women.

Hysterical women represented a large and lucrative business for physicians.”

There are so many directions I can go with this information – it is ripe with fuckedupness – but my thread for today is the fact that this past weekend I was having severe uterine and ovary pain, and I have to say I could really relate to my womb, physically, feeling hysterical. There was certainly some dis-ease mingling about.

I so wanted to masturbate to relieve the pressure, but I felt like I had the flu and I was so achy it was painful to move. I was too sore and weak to do anything except to hold my Magic Wand on the tender parts of my body for brief moments. It was temporarily relieving to have the vibrations cascade through the tissue of my abdomen, and into my fertility organs.

Fortunately the intensity had waned by Monday morning and I was able to self pleasure. Typically I use the energy of my orgasms for creation, but not on Monday. What I needed, was very clear to me, I had to fully release whatever energy was stagnating in my womb.

So I consciously let the pleasure escape me. Carrying with it all that no longer served me – which felt like a whole lot of grief and anger. And Mama Earth did her magic (upon my request of course) and she received, neutralized and transformed those energies that rode out on the waves of my gratification, and filled me up with kindness and courage, on the inward swell of my breath.

Magnificent. Nourishing. Healing.

I have said it before, and I shall say it again…there is power in pleasure…and there is no other pleasure as potent as an orgasm.

This is our birthright. Not just to feel the pleasure. But to take it all into our own hands.

The pleasure. The healing. The power.

Angela Thurston