Orgasm coaching


Orgasm Coaching is a personal Bodysex session based on The Betty Dodson Method. Our session takes place in a tranquil, safe, serene setting in Victoria, BC. Orgasm Coaching is for women of all sexual orientations who are uncomfortable with a group setting, have never experienced orgasm, or want to increase their sexual knowledge and skills.

In our time together you will learn to:

  • Overcome negative body image

  • Release pleasure anxiety and sexual guilt

  • Enhance your orgasms and pleasure

  • Find your sexual voice

  • Celebrate your body

In our session together we will explore:

  • Genital show and tell

  • Body presence practices

  • Female anatomy

  • How to use breath, sound, and movement to increase sexual pleasure

  • The best use of sexual toys and vibrators

This session is offered to women of all sexual orientations. The cost includes Betty Dodson’s Barbell — one of the pleasure tools we will be exploring in our time together! This session requires a time commitment of four to six hours.

For a more personal account of the effects of self-pleasuring, read my article The Practical Magic of Self Love.

For inquires, questions, or more information…

A consultation is recommended in order to gain more clarity and understanding of orgasm coaching. If you choose to book the session after the consultation, the consultation fee of $45.00 will go toward your session.