bodysex workshops


Bodysex is a workshop based on The Betty Dodson Method with the weaving in of other empowering sexuality embodiment practices. The workshop takes place in a tranquil, safe, serene setting. Bodysex is for women of all sexual orientations who desire to celebrate pleasure, increase their sexual knowledge and skills, honour their bodies, and bathe in the sacredness of sisterhood.

During our weekend you will learn to::

  • Overcome negative body image

  • Release pleasure anxiety and sexual guilt

  • Experience the healing of sacred sisterhood

  • Enhance your orgasms and pleasure

  • Celebrate your body

During our weekend we will explore:

  • Genital show and tell

  • Body presence practices

  • Female anatomy

  • How to use breath, sound, and movement to increase sexual pleasure

  • Betty’s “Rock and Roll” masturbation technique

  • Erotic recess

  • Non-sexual group massage

This is a women’s only workshop that is done in the nude, and is limited to four women plus me. The cost includes a Magic Wand — one of the pleasure tools we will be exploring in our time together!

Next circle:

  • TBA


  • $595.00 plus GST (a $200.00 non-refundable deposit is required upon registration)

For my personal experience of Bodysex, read my essay Bodysex and Me.

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