womb clearing

A woman’s womb resides within the centre of her pelvic bowl, and herein lies her power to create. This power of creation has two facets: the ability to receive and the ability to release.

Typically women take energy in, transform this energy, and then release it. This is most clearly demonstrated in the process of pregnancy and birth. However, the ways in which a woman uses her powers of creation are very individual and are not limited to the conception of children. A woman’s womb energy is very dynamic and powerful, and can be used for the inception, gestation, and creation of any personal intention.

The capacity for holding energy in our wombs is immense. Oftentimes we hold the energies and patterns of unexpressed emotions from past events. Not only do we carry our own stories within our wombs, we hold generational patterning and the energy of past lovers.

When we transform and release these trapped and stuck energies we increase our ability to:

  • Connect with ourselves

  • Be intimate with our partners

  • Own our radiance

  • Creatively express

  • Utilize our potential

During a Womb Clearing session you will learn to:

  • Connect with your body

  • Release unexpressed energies

  • Transform stuck energies into expanded energies

  • Heal the impact of past events

  • Increase your capacity to support your creations

After having a Womb Clearing session you will have the resources and tools to clear, transform, and cultivate your creative energies on your own.


  • $175.00 plus GST for a 1.5 hour session (in person or via Zoom)

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Note: Even if you have had a hysterectomy you can still cultivate the energies of your womb.