sexual conversations

When we engage in open, nonjudgmental dialogue about our sexual desires, fantasies, experiences, and bodies it offers us the opportunity to be seen and heard in our truth.  

Giving voice to and witnessing our sexual truth assists us in:

  • Releasing feelings of shame

  • Discovering our sexual likes and dislikes

  • Loving our bodies

  • Understanding what brings us pleasure

  • Listening to our innate wisdom

Many women do not have sisters or girlfriends to share with what genuinely lights them up and turns them on. Sexuality is an aspect of ourselves that often gets overlooked. Sharing, giving voice to, and being witnessed in this way allows for the acknowledgment, respect, and honouring of our sexual power.

I offer a safe space for you to openly converse, explore and express your sexual self.


  • 30-minute conversation - $45.00 plus GST
  • 1-hour conversation - $95.00 plus GST

Our call together will be a conversation. There will be no coaching, therapy, or practices. I will hold space for you to explore and share aspects of yourself that may feel trapped in secrecy, creating feelings of isolation and shame. Our conversation will be akin to two girlfriends sharing over a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

If you feel so inspired, have a deep craving to be open or simply want to chat about what lights your fire…

Payment is due upon scheduling of our call together. All calls happen via Zoom (with video off). I offer these sessions to women only. Please know that if you book a session and are not a woman I will immediately end the call and your money will NOT be refunded.