Sensual Centre meditation

Our Sensual Centre is the most energetically charged area of our bodies. It is the container of our creativity; it provides nourishment for our entire beings; it is a portal of wisdom and healing. Our Sensual Centre generates energy, power, and strength.

When you practice the Sensual Centre Meditation as part of your self-care regimen you experience:

  • Calmness

  • Presence

  • Groundedness

  • Expanded awareness

  • Awakened senses

Using this meditation will amplify and strengthen your:

  • Clarity

  • Love of self

  • Confidence

  • States of pleasure

  • Body appreciation

The Sensual Centre Meditation is an excellent tool for you to be able to step out of your mind and drop into your body, providing nourishment and replenishment at any time of day. The more you practice the easier it becomes to be continuously present to the dynamic power that resides within you.

Own your radiance!